1. Pierre Maynard

    Nottingham Vlog | WITH SOME OLD FRIENDS

    Hello everyone, I know i haven't been on here for a while but i just thought i would come back and share the amazing experience i had in Nottingham! :D I would love to hear some feedback? :)
  2. JoanneMarie

    Meet Up/Gathering British Speakers in Germany? Or Somerset in UK or Nottingham?

    Now this is confusing and probably a shot in the dark..are there any Youtubers who are British or speak English in Germany willing to Collab/Meet up? I am also in Somerset in the UK (not sure when though!) and I will be in Nottingham for Christmas. I haven't even started my channel yet so...
  3. BunnyMoonstone

    Meet Up/Gathering East Midland, UK YouTubers?

    I'm from Nottingham. I'm looking for YouTubers from the East Midlands to meet and collab with? :) Hayley