1. Allyarix

    Gaming New guy, New channel

    Hello, im just here to try to grow my channel and make videos! I spent a lot of time in gaming and so i decided to make a channel! I jsut started so i basicly have no subs :/ -Some games I play -Minecraft -Krunker -geometry Dash -More Discord- Yari_atiihY#1775 Youtube-...
  2. Allyari

    Gaming New guy starting up channel

    old account
  3. JayTV

    Vlogging Advice?

    Im very use to being infront of a camera, but my issue as a first time vlogger is actually vlogging, in my videos if anyone has ever seen them, its mostly just me recording and watching stuff happen around me, I try my best to be in the video myself, but I guess im not that good at narrating...