1. MadBlaxe

    Mixer Or Twitch What do you think (After Some Big Streamers went to mixer)?

    What do you think about some big names on twitch go to mixer and what do you think about twitch and mixer ?
  2. Justine

    Ninja vs SJWs

    Hey GAMERS welcome to a NEW FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE VIDEO!!1!! Not really, but were talking about Ninja so close enough, right? Anyways, everyones favorite ligma prone man decided to say that he won't stream with women to prevent rumors from spreading involving him and his relationship with his...
  3. Nerfworthy

    Ninja's special annoucement~

    here's the link to the special annoucement he made yesterday. Share in the comments what you think about it, I personally thing as he said "It's gonna be litty"
  4. The Humble JuanB

    Short Film Ninja Contracts!

    if you live near the harrisburg, mechanicsburg, carlisle or camp hill Pennsylvania area would you be interested in being apart of a short film series im doing as a "ninja" who gets different 'contracts' to end my victims (you) OR be my partner ninja and we do one contract each episode at a time...
  5. Kemono

    Mark of the Ninja! (mission 1)

    I played this game maybe like 4-5 years ago on the 360 and it is like nostalgia for me. A great plat-former indeed. I hope you guys enjoy!
  6. 2Hard4theCore

    Warframe montage : The beauty of Warframe

    I've been playing warframe for about 2 years and it's just amazing game, so i decided to make a montage out of it. This montage show the beauty of the landscapes this game has and also the action and versatile gameplay. So enough talking ^^ hope you enjoy my montage, more is coming soon :)
  7. Joeowens1

    Tales of a young Ninja: The last Doughnut

    Check out our latest video!
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