1. Jack McKenna

    How do you guys come up with ideas?

    So I am fairly new on the youtube scene but I have a very strong desire to keep making stuff... the problem is... I don't really know what to make! Sometimes I just want to make a video so bad that I just turn on the camera and point at my face until I say something mildly interesting or funny...
  2. HereBeBarr

    Brighton Beach- Where Russia meets New York City

    Tell me what you think of my latest Travel Vlog.
  3. Pedro Nascimento

    Other I Have a Travelling Channel!! Anyone to Make a Collaboration?

    Hello guys, I have a travelling channel on Youtube called "Cities Of The World" I never made a collaboration before but I'm looking forward to do it! I will be flying to New York for the first time and I will stay there for 2 days. I you want or you know anyone who would like to make a...