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  1. Pegboardnerd101

    Other Looking for food video collabs

    Hey guys! I'm a new Youtuber looking to do food collabs. My channel is based around grocery shopping on a budget. If you have any videos having to do with food, then I can let your audience know where to buy it, how much it costs, the nutrition facts, and more! Let's connect! My Channel: Ms. Amina
  2. SpitItOutProductions

    Office Drama Miniserie

    What's up guys! I'm fairly new here, but I'm hoping to be here for a while and help you guys grow! At the moment, my production company is starting out and we're shooting a miniserie called "Two Guys At Work". I'd like to know if you got any funny ideas, stories that you've experienced or can...
  3. jarrettholt2

    It's only been 1 Month....

    We hit 1,000 subscribers!! THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive of our journey, thus far!!!!
  4. Zacke23

    Tips for new gaming youtubers?

    Ive just recently started on youtube doing gaming videos such as Fifa and Call Of Duty, I understand my views and subs arent going to go up overnight but was just wondering if anyone had any tips on what i can do to get views and subs, this is something ive wanted to do for a long time and want...
  5. JayJay Kennedy


  6. TheMercenaree

    BEGINNING THE FOREST TEMPLE | Twilight Princess HD: Part 11

    We start the forest temple in this episode. We also learn a new skill that's pretty awesome. If you want to check out more of my videos, then click that red box below.
  7. TheMercenaree

    3 GIANT BOSSES?!?!?! | Hyrule Warriors (Legend Mode): Part 28

    We have King Dodongo, Manhandla, and Gohma all making a return in this episode, and we have to defeat them ALL!!! It's gonna be challenging. If you want to watch more of my stuff, just click the red box below.
  8. TheMercenaree

    THE TEARS OF LIGHT | Twilight Princess HD: Part 10

    We are tasked with filling the Vessel of Light with Tears of Light in this episode, and that's exactly what we do. If you want to check out more of my videos, just click the red box below.
  9. TheMercenaree

    WE ARE THE ENEMIES?!? | Hyrule Warriors: Part 27

    In this episode, we play as Ganondorf for the first time (he is also the only playable character we can use at this time). That leads me to believe that we are the enemies this time, but I wouldn't be sure. Eh, just watch the video. If you want to see more of my content, click the red box...
  10. Brumtards

    Are we doing something wrong?

    Hi everyone! TheBrumtards here! so we have been making videos for about 12 months now, making gaming videos, skit videos and challenge videos etc, but we have yet to break the 100 sub mark :( we are averaging about 40/50 views per video and are just shy of 7000 channel views. Now we all know...
  11. HelloKeyy

    Is YouTube Just A Big Fame/ Number Game?

    I personally HATE the idea of having "small youtubers" and "big youtubers". I think once a youtuber gets to a certain number, they act all high and mighty and let the #'s get to their head and think because they have more #'s they think it's okay not to be friends w/ people who isn't on their...
  12. Brain Stormer

    Who Wants A Channel Review?

    So we're new to this whole YouTube thing. We want to do some channel reviews to help us see what's out there. If you need a review just let us know! We'll reply as fast as we can and we will reply to everyone :)
  13. Brumtards

    Could anyone give us any advice and also review our channel?

    Hi everyone! We were wondering if anybody could be kind enough to review our channel and maybe give us any advice? We started in February and are currently stuck on 68 subscribers and our view's havn't really picked up much latly either. We are a gaming channel but we like to do challenges...