new goal

  1. Prodz Here

    Hit latest goal time for the next 500 subs

    Yay!!! I hit 100 subs yesterday. So grateful, but we looking towards the future and gonna post consistently till I can hit 500 subs now. I'm thinking about making a 100 sub montage. Also just bought some fidget spinners, If u guys know any cool ones that I should buy please tell me. I'm addicted.
  2. Itz chris gaming

    100 subs!! Now whats the goal

    So I just hit 100 subs today. Its funny because 5 days ago i had 84 and the last 5 days before that i was gaining 1 every 3 days. But over the last 5 days i have gained 3-4 subs a day. So whats the next goal: 200 subs, 150. Plz help me decide
  3. Ruth Taylor

    New total !!

    I have finally got to over 70 subscribers yay !! I was stuck at 69 for a while now and now I'm at 72 ! Yay Getting closer and closer to 100