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  1. MillieCan

    Do You Think Youtube is Unfair to Newbies?

    Youtube has come up with so many new rules. I am kind of sad by this. It is so unfair, I feel like it is impossible to even grow. The new watch time rules is terrible. I am trying to find my way, I don't understand how new people join and gain so many subs and views without struggles like most...
  2. Ian Katz

    fun new family friendly Channel

    HI everyone, I have created a family friendly channel posting vids of me and my family doing various activities, having fun, going to do experiments and a whole host of other things under the name Katz Fam. Please subscribe to my youtube channel...
  3. MaryCrockett

    Trying to grow my channel

    I am trying to grow my channel and would love it if yall would check us out and let me know how we are doing.. Thanks so much