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  1. J

    Do I need to start a new channel for new content?

    Hello, I have been working steady on my gaming channel for about a year now, and nearly 120 videos later I am considering getting into tech content, making reviews, unboxing etc. My gaming channel is only console gameplay, and my tech videos I plan to make are gonna be related to console. Like...
  2. IPPimp

    Coming Back After 5 Months.

    Unfortunately, i was forced to leave my youtube channel a while back due to finnacial reasons. Ever since then I've wanted to get back into youtube, but with a different idea for my channel than before. Im simply asking for advice on a few different things. I only have 66 subscribers so I'm...
  3. HelloKeyy

    Is YouTube Just A Big Fame/ Number Game?

    I personally HATE the idea of having "small youtubers" and "big youtubers". I think once a youtuber gets to a certain number, they act all high and mighty and let the #'s get to their head and think because they have more #'s they think it's okay not to be friends w/ people who isn't on their...