new channel collab

  1. L

    Gaming New and Looking For A Collab Group!

    Hey! I've decided to make a new channel and I'm looking for a chill group of people to collab with. I haven't uploaded anything yet, because I'm making sure I have everything I need, but this is the last thing I need! I'm primarily a Xbox One player but I'm slowly switching to PC. I really just...
  2. Jonesie

    Gaming PS4 collab?

    Hey guys, I just made a new channel, and I some new friends. I have a PS4 and a hella good mic. I have BO3, Destiny (I'll get the not-so-new update soon), MKX, last of us, GTA, etc. Comment: -Your channel and where to find you -Your age -Sub count -Games -What game you want to collab on -Times...