new camera

  1. BrettTaylorYT

    What is THE BEST vlogging camera?

    I’m considering getting either the Canon m50 or the Canon G7X Mark ii. Here’s what I’m thinking, the G7X can fit in my pocket, so I wouldn’t have to bring a camera bag wherever I go and I could do more impromptu vlogs, but there’s a fixed lens, so I can’t really “grow” with it, and it doesn’t...
  2. xxheathermarie

    Video Quality. Yay or Nay.

    So I'm considering investing in a "Big Kid Camera"... New lens, camera, everything. However, I'm wondering whether it's worth it or not. If someone could take a look at some my recent videos (within the last two months at least cause I updated my lighting) and tell me if they think I need to...
  3. Dangerousity

    Do you like commentaries and want to colab

    Ayy, Danger here. Im a new youtuber who does commentary videos. Here is a link to my channel: I werent able to links here so follow me on twitter, its a link there: @dangerousity_ I'm 14 years old and at this time i have 14 subscribers on youtube. If you are around the same size, age and does...
  4. Ohgoditskeith

    10 Annoying Parent Saying - EDITED

    The audio in the last posting was COMPLETELY messed up and I was having an anxiety attack ... Please help by checking out this new posting - worked pretty hard on this video 10 of the Worlds Most Annoying Parent Sayings
  5. Stoobs

    Mustard Powder NEW VLOG CAMERA!!

    New video, new camera. I'm back *******!