1. CollegeAndBacon

    How Squeamish Are We?

  2. javacentral

    Blue cheese as a coffee creamer?

    So what do you think of this weird and kinda gross video? I had way to much fun making it so I know my feelings about it, now I want to know yours!
  3. ZinQ Nasty

    Channel Review Feedback

    I have been Creating on Youtube for almost a year off and on. I have been going strong ever since the fall and have some good gaming content coming as well as skits. However, I would like some reviews on my channel, I want to know some of my weaknesses that i can fix and some of my strengths...
  4. javacentral

    Thanksgiving Dinner as a Coffee Creamer

    This was probably one of the grosser things I've drank and I think what was the worst part was the chunks. Blegh!