#naruto storm 4 online ranked battles

  1. AfrikanGoku

    This Is What Happens When A Powerful Father Bonds With His Equally As Powerful Son

  2. AfrikanGoku

    The Strongest Of The Akatsuki Takes On The Sound Ninja 4, And This Is What Happened...

    Moving up the ranks in Naruto Storm 4 online ranked with the original founders of the Akatsuki. Had some very good and intense matches this episode!
  3. AfrikanGoku

    How Many Fireballs Were Shot In This Fight?? [Naruto Storm 4 Online Ranked Battles]

    For those who watch this, I want you to count how many fireball jutsus were fired in the second match. The spam was unbelievable :furious:. Also check out the last match too. It was very close and the most intense.
  4. AfrikanGoku

    Kiba's Dog With the Surprise Attack @ 26:36! [Naruto Storm 4 Online Ranked Battles]

    This was the last fight of my most recent episode and it was also the most intense. Kiba's dog was giving me more of a problem than Kiba himself though, so what does that say about Kiba as a ninja??