nail art

  1. MadySan

    Wide Range Content?

    Hello! I created my channel for nail art videos but now I started uploading beauty related, lifestyle, comedy videos plus sometimes I post daily vlogs. Is my content range too wide for people to subscribe because they might not know what to expect frim me? Should I limit my channel to only one...
  2. Fee007


    This look was achieved using decals. A few short steps is all it takes. Take a look!:rolleyes:
  3. asmoK

    Easy Nail Art | Simple Beginner Tutorial #2 | Vio

    Hello ladies and gentelamn, me and my girlfriend made the second nail art tutorial yesterday wich is pretty easy. I hope you like it Don't forget to leave a comment and a like with your opinion
  4. asmoK

    Please Review Nail Art Tutorial video.

    Hey there, Happy new year ! So with the start of the new year my girlfriend wanted to start youtubing and we, together made the first video. i'd like you to review the video. It is too long ? It is too simple for a "simple" nail art? If you use to watch this kind of videos would you like to...