nab 2017

  1. Naruto Anime

    Other Naruto's Most BadAss Moments.

    Guys i did a video on my channel about naruto's most badass moment it would be great if you guys check the video out and give me support. and i am looking foward to be working with people and talk about anime (Naruto and Boruto). My channel Name is Poke Origin 2 and i am at 634 subscribers at...
  2. Mat Cooper

    Vlog Looking for Collabs at NAB 2017, Las Vegas

    Hi all, Im new to this forum but I'm hoping to find people who'd be interested in doing daily collars over teh NAB show. I guess there will be plenty of us doing our own things there but I'm hoping that in addition to that we could put together a sort of ghetto hollywood reporter round table...