my little pony

  1. MC'01

    Voice Acting Looking for voices for a fanmade MLP song

    Hello, we - me and my friend - made a fanmade song in MLP style and we're looking for some voices - mostly the mane ones (Mane 6, CMC), but also some random ones, just for singing. There is a reward for that! More informations here...
  2. Warlock Boo

    She Watches, I Dance (creepypasta/grimdark/fanfiction)

    One night in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is having trouble going to sleep. A single candle lights her room, and the shadow of a strange being dances on the wall. ps: i accidentally let my video loop run longer then the video so my credits start later.
  3. beotheorcqueen

    the Sims 4 - creating super cute Sims straight from Equestria!

    Hi guys! Yesterday I've decided to give a try to Adobe Premiere Pro CC (since it's free for 30 days why not...) and I edited my video in it. Maybe you would like to check it? ♥ I know I have to work on intro/outro and sound, because it's not good as it's now... Maybe you have any tips how I can...
  4. zaffron

    My little pony cartoon speed sketch

    This video introduce my little pony cartoon speedy sketch video. It includes sketch and drawings of related characters such rainbow dash pony, applejack pony, pinkie pie pony, celesti pony , cheerilee pony, derpy pony, bunnybunny pony, fluttershy pony, viking pony, luna pony, twilight pony...