music intro

  1. Lavinia Lahrese

    Request [Free] Intro to Channel

    Hey guys! Does anyone know of a really great place/person that can make preferably free/cheap channel intros? I would like one with music too- no longer than 3-5 seconds.. Thanks a milli!! :D
  2. Furry Gurus

    Intro or no intro?

    A while back I started to add a short (2-3 second) intro to my videos, but someone pointed out to me that I shouldn't do that. Now I have started to doubt myself, what do you guys think? (the video in my signature does not have that intro).
  3. WilliamRayWalters

    How can I make that synthesized music for Gamer intro?

    My daughter has her own channel and she wants short intro music like the kind many gamers have. That's what she wants so I'm not going to argue with her. I don't want something generic, I want to make something myself, I'm just not sure what software is used for that kind of music. Are they...