music collaboration

  1. B

    Music Collab with another youtube channel

    Hi to everyone i'm looking to collab with some youtube channel! I have a music channel,Bass Music,with a lot of genre music like edm,house,trap,etc.. I am new and i need some collab to grow both me and you !
  2. A

    Music NEED A SINGER! I wanna make music covers...

    Hello there! I am a pianist and I am gonna start to make music covers. so I need a singer... a good one! reply if interested. thnx
  3. DJ Xfinity

    Request Looking for a singer (Collab)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to collab with me of a song I'm making, it will be electronic music and I would like to collab with someone that makes the lyrics while I do the song :)
  4. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking For All Unsigned Music Artists (Any Genre)

    Hello all music artists! To get to the point, I am a Solo/Unsigned Hip-Hop Artist by the name of King Martinez, And i am currently forming An 'Online Music Group' for Unsigned artists only (Any Genre). everyone in the group will collaborate on projects, and help each other in the music making...
  5. Scoby125

    Music Looking for a Singer for a Music Parody! :D

    Whats up people! So I have written a parody for 21 pilots song heathens, I am looking for a singer to sing this as a collaboration(I am an awful singer so I need someone who actually knows what they are doing :D ). The parody is gaming related so all the video/words on screen with the lyrics...