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  1. Mkiss63142

    Deserve | Hip Hop Instrumentals Rain Mix 2019 | Music

  2. zenhd

    Jarico - Hawaii | Free Background Music

  3. zenhd

    Vlad Gluschenko - Lagoon *FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD*

  4. zenhd

    Scandinavianz - Sunny Island **FREE DOWNLOAD**

  5. Mr. Fox


    Well, I do creepy chànnel where I make creepy videos like 3 true stories of ghost encounter kinda story tellings, well I would if anyone wanna collab with me, well I have anyone channel called Fact Buzz In it, I make like countdowns you check it! Whichever you like you can collab with me! I...
  6. Courtney Candice


    I really need to make an instrumentl version of all star by smash mouth. I don't really play an instrument, I can play a little bit but not much. I was going to create it with garage band, but I was wondering if someone could tell me how?
  7. Nedwin04

    Services Music for your videos

    Hey Everyone, I do sound design and write original music in different styles and genres for all types of visual media. So if you guys need any music or audio just hit me up either on here or by email at: My experience includes a music degree, a composition masters, and...