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  1. Y

    Services FREE Music, Copyright Free Music for your videos!!!

    Hello guys,,, We are yourBedroom Beatz a new Label which releases Copyright Free music. Fell free to check out our channel and download the song you enjoy, also use it on your own , just credit us and the artist and the song name in your description and youre done !
  2. zenhd

    SKANDR - Blue Lemonade

  3. zenhd

    Chillout Lounge Relaxing 2018 Mix Music For The Beach

    If possible visit my channel to listen to relaxing music and suggestions to help me grow my channel
  4. Jamie

    Services Free Music

    Hello YTtalk :) my name is Jamie and I'm a video game composer from Austria. On my YouTube channel I offer music of all kinds of different genres. So if you need any music for your videos, feel free to use mine! You can also hire me for composing customized music as well as sound design :)...
  5. Malthe

    Services FREE Background Music & FREE Music Sound Packs

    Hey everyone. I'm a YouTube channel who upload FREE no copyright background music & FREE music sound packs for trap music, edm music & more. So if you need FREE background music or need FREE music sound packs to make the producing process more fun, then this is a channel for you. My channel...
  6. A

    Services Compose music for Youtubers

    Hello, I'm studying music composition and I would love to compose for someone. I find that most youtubers use electronic music but I can compose film-like orchestral soundtracks to set that particular channel apart from the others. It can be either an intro or maybe background music. Hit me up...
  7. Rolz

    Voiceover or nah?

    Hi guys, I recently posted my first video of my 2 dogs, they are yorkies :) I was just wondering whether I should have music in background (like it currently has) or should I rather talk over the footage?
  8. MAK

    Request In Need of Background Music!

    Whats going on amazing people of this forum! I am in grave need of some background music which is a happy median between hype and chill. Preferably no voices, etc, with little build up time, so I can, re-use same song several times in a video. If your wondering what the music is for, it's for...