movie reviews

  1. buzzcuts

    And The Most Hilarious IMDB User Review Ever Is...

    Wanted to try something different with some rudimentary 'animation' and 'voice acting' Open to feedback as always. :)
  2. buzzcuts

    Changing Topics - Should I Persist?

    So, a few months ago I started toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel and posted some pretty random videos. Of those, a couple - about shoes - took off a bit and gained me 100 subscribers. I've continued experimenting with different topics; so far nothing has stuck. I hate my early...
  3. S.A.D

    Jack Reacher Never go back Review

    Jack Reacher played by tom cruise is back seeking justice wherever it needs seeking. Is this movie worth your hard earned cash, is this another solid tom cruise performance. or is it a pile a steamy crap. let's find out!
  4. S.A.D

    Deepwater Horizon Movie Review

    name says it all. hope you guy like this. feedback is always appreciated
  5. J

    First Upload on New channel - Feedback?

    Hey guys! I run a comedy vlog channel but recently started a podcast with a friend of mine where we review movies, TV shows, and talk all kinds of media and entertainment. It's very informal and is mean't to just be a casual show, almost as if you were talking to a friend about a movie. We...
  6. TwoTakes

    "This scene of a robotic cat humping a dead woman's corpse on the floor, it's not right." Date Movie

    Here is ourdiscussion/ therapy session after we watched number 97 on the IMDB Worst 100 list: Date Movie (2006), enjoy!
  7. S.A.D

    Central Intelligence Movie Review

    Here is the link guys, hope you like. That said I have no idea if this is the catagory to be posting these videos. If it is not, kindly let me know. I would also like feedback on my video and in turn I can give feedback to yours. Thank you.
  8. P

    Check out my channel and support me?

    Hey everyone, I do movie reviews and I need some support behind my channel. Does anybody mind checking me out and considering to subscribe? as well as this, leaving some likes and comments on my videos regarding feedback would be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone. Here's one of my reviews -
  9. S

    movie podcast Q&A

    I'm thinking of starting a movie podcast Q&A where my subscribers ask questions about movies. If I think a movie will suck, thoughts, impression that sort of stuff. I'm looking to collab with someone who would be interested in something like this. I may consider including gaming questions or...
  10. WA_Gates

    Not sure if this is the right place or, in fact, just a stupid question... but...

    Hi guys, So I have a rather... odd question, which may be really obvious but for the life of me I can't figure it out. In some videos (such as for example the X Men:Apocalypse Trailer by Jeremy Jahns at around the 0:48 second mark - I can't link the clip in here unfortunately) they have actual...