1. Inivlog

    Vlog Far-distance collab with some crispy VFX!!

    Hi there! I run a channel by the name Inivlog and I like to make videos with more complex visual effects and comedic assets. Everything from special effects and 3d motion graphics to animating and compositing. Examples are shown in the GIF below :D If someone's up for a long-distance...
  2. Salvatore

    Request Need motion graphic for videos

    I need motion graphic designer for making videos. Our team is made by a writer, a voice over guy and a music and sfx supervisor. We need a motion graphic designer to make high quality videos. Please let me know if you can help us. -Thank you
  3. Aljaž

    FCPX & Motion Tips

    Guys, what plug-ins do you use in your Final Cuts? Would like something good to color correct my GoPro footage and slow it down (I've heard of Twixtor yes, not a big fan of it)?