1. R

    I need more YouTube video ideas!

    Hi guys. I'm a really new youtuber right now and I'm running out of ideas! I just started YouTube and I make videos about a little bit of everything how to's, gaming, music, and YouTube stuff like editing and thumbnails + more. Any of those things in that area would be nice. Thank you!
  2. alilouk

    Gaming Run A Channel With Me!

    Hello guys! My name is alilouk! I am a youtuber who currently is sitting at 562 active subs! which is nice! however, I am very busy as I am in the part of life which demands alot of work regarding school work! Therefor, I have decided to start a new channel with someone! Therefor I invite one of...
  3. MashingDuck

    Gaming Youtube Gaming Group

    Looking for a consistent gaming group where we just focus on having fun. (age of 17+). I can always record in the weekends and from time to time I can record during the week. I live in Europe. Games I currently play the most are: Overwatch, For Honor, Garry's mod, Dark Souls 3, and quite a few...
  4. M

    Other I am looking to collab (Tutorials) (Commentary's) (and more

    Hey, my name is mechton or you can call me Noah and I am looking for people to collab with and just be in general, YouTube friends! I do graphic design, tutorials and more on my youtube channel. You can search it up on youtube, Mechton. or you can dm on twitter or skype :) Skype: WHO8MYNOAH...
  5. JanPlays_

    Any tips on how to get more subs?

    I am a small channel (8 subs) and im wondering if anyone has some tips on how to get more subs? Thank you!
  6. doktornpro

    Which Topics Need More Attention ?

    Alright, so I just posted a similar topic not long ago, but didn't really get a lot of responses, so I will just ask you a question. As the title says, which topics do you think deserve, but aren't getting enough attention ? I am searching for such topics to make videos about and popularize...
  7. Mattaxol

    MORE WILLIS MISSIONS | Far Cry 4 (Feedback again please? :))

    Hi!! The last time I asked for feedback I got some really thoughtful constructive criticism, and I decided to try to take the feedback and use what you guys said, and so, can you please let me know how I did? Anything I should change?? Thank you :)
  8. Joman

    Finished/Closed I will make free custom YouTube banners, Thumbnails, etc...

    Please suggest anything and I will do my best to create something for you. Just make sure you link my website and channel. Also subscribing to my channel would be helpful (not mandatory). Skype: jomanthebeast This does not have to be youtube only, but it is recommended. Mine: People whos...