montage collab

  1. CatTagz

    Hi there I'm CatTagz or Leo!

    Hi there I'm Leo and I run a small gaming channel called CatTagz. I very resonly started this channel which is why I have a very low subscriber amount but if we all work together I think that I could grow my own channel while helping some of you guys out as well. I'm open for collaborations and...
  2. Roux Harbour

    Other New Years Resolutions Collab Video

    I Think A New Years Resolution Collab Video Montage Would Be SO Much FUN!^^ Want To Be a Part Of Making It With Me?^^ If You Want To Be Part Of The YouTubers 2016 Resolutions Video, Here's What You Do: Record Yourself; Shortly; - Introduce Yourself, Your Name, Your Age, Your Nationality -...
  3. S

    Gaming Star Wars Battlefront PC Montage Collab

    Anyone up for to do a collab montage with me on Star Wars Battlefront. I am very small channel, and I guess alright at editing (I am learning) but what I do have are some pro clips (you can see my previous montages, I made an awesome beta montage which had Jet Pack no scopes)! Anyway if you...