1. StormeyCat

    Need your help quickly guys

    So yeah I think I have a little problem here I'm new on youtube and I make games evolution videos. so I take clips from other videos and channels and put them in one clip and put some information like the date and things + put the source of course and upload it on youtube I want to make those...
  2. StormeyCat

    I need help from profissional youtubers

    Hey guys I want to ask you some questions because I really need help So I started doing youtube those days. I make games and Tech evolution videos so I'm in the gaming niche in general so I started this channel called CheckPoint to put videos on and I had some plans in my head and I need...
  3. A

    What long does monitization review takes lately? Mine is under review for 1 month+

    What's the typical review time frame? My threshhold were reached more than a month ago and the monitization part is still under review. Please share your recent experience! Thanks!
  4. BinoDino


    ok so i have been copy righted by someone whom song isnt even in my video its a song on youtube called "the voice- by jay will" he did a remake of drakes song ''0 to 100'' i have drakes instrumental in my video not jay will but DRAKES. i wouldnt care if drake tried to monitize my video but its...
  5. PianoPig

    Confused About Money Made On YouTube...

    Hello all! So I am relatively new to YouTube, started my channel about 6 months ago and almost at 200 subscribers. I do have all my videos monetized, but I am not looking to make any money on YouTube just yet because I am at a very early stage indeed! However, I just wanted to have something...
  6. T

    Hit 10,000 views, approved for monitization with my first video!

    Albeit, I was very lucky to do so. I basically released content for a game on the night it was released so it was very hyped up. I don't expect to retain those sort of numbers, but with E3 this weekend, I'm hoping to take advantage and put out some more content related to gaming/electronics!
  7. enteje

    So... whens a good time to start monetizing?

    In general, when is a good time to? I'd assume when you rack up a good amount of fans (1k-ish?) I post some pretty low quality content so I know I'm not going anywhere soon lol. (my excuse is that I don't have the right equipment.) When did you guys start?
  8. ColdRansom

    Using Copyright Music in Unmonetized Videos?

    Hey guys! I'm just curious if it is allowed by the YouTube terms of services to use Copyright music in videos that are not monetized without them being striked or taken down. If you guys could share your knowledge/experiences, it would be much appreciated! ^.^
  9. B

    Negative Adsence Balance! What Is Going On?

    My current balance last month was 9.74$ today, in the beginning of august a fellow youtuber had one of his video go viral and this resulted in one of my videos (which have the same topic) to appear as recommended on the side bar of his video. i gained 30k views and earned around 37$ from august...