monetise video

  1. Curtym23

    I can provide you with 4000 hours of watch-time in just 1 week

    Hello everyone ! Do you want to reach 4000 hours of viewing quickly? You are in the right place. I can provide 4000 hours of viewing in just 1 week! The price for 4000 hours of viewing is $35. Here are the different prices: - 1,000 hours: $20 - 2,000h: $25 - 3,000h: $30 - 4,000h: $35 For...
  2. nightmare rest stop

    New way to monetise

    what if I told you there is a way of monetising your videos but it wouldn’t be directly on YouTube except it would? You can do this no matter what subscriber level you have but best to do if you have enough to earn some sort of money. Traffic wise. Message below for more details
  3. FaPN

    How to use Tom & Jerry's videos without getting copyright claim so I can Monetize my videos ?

    Hey guys , hope you are doing well . The idea behind my channel is simple , I make parodies about football matches using Tom & Jerry clips , the problem is that I get a copyright claim everytime I upload a video which 35+ seconds , some of my friends told me that I can monetize my videos...
  4. PunchbowlGaming

    Does anyone notice an increase in their discovery once monetised?

    Hey guys! I have been worried recently if this is the case. Having a channel of 600 subscribers I have been monetising for a while. However I now have a second channel of nearly 190 subs and fast approaching 10,000 views. I now am debating whether to activate the monetisation at 10,000 views...
  5. B

    AdSense - why need a website?

    Hey you guys I'm new here, so sorry if this thread doesn't really belong here... We're planning on starting a YouTube channel. We already invested in a vlogging camera and shot and edited a video (it's not uploaded yet) and totally love doing it and create content! It takes a lot of time and...