1. The Cherrii Family

    Vlog Any Vloggers that Live near Orlando, Fl?

    Hey guys, I wanted to do some collabs with other small YouTube channels that live in or near Orlando. I live near Orlando and am willing to travel. We do pranks, challenges, and vlogs. I have never collabed with anyone before and really want to start working with other YouTubers!
  2. Scandinavian Freckles

    My mom was attacked? | Storytime

    Hey guys, Today I uploaded a storytime about my mom and her craziness :) I love my mom so much but she is suuuuper paranoid !! Hope you enjoy :)
  3. Kemono

    You gotta love your mom, Check out this vid!

    Check out my MW2 Commentary on Mom's! I love my mom to death and I tell the story, a bit 'preachy' but it's all good. Check it out and I hope you guys enjoy!
  4. Scooterbean Videos

    Describe the Moment You Knew YouTube Was Your Thing

    Just a thread I think might bring a little inspiration by reading all the baby YouTuber stories. For me I knew I wanted to do YouTube after I realized I needed something to put myself out there. Something to help with slight social anxiety. I already had tons of ideas for sketches but I was...
  5. GarciasWorld

    This is Why Mom's Nag

    This is Why Mom's Nag - My name is Kate and I am a mom. Instead of doing work this morning, I made a SHORT Mommy Video. It's under 2 minutes because I know we have short attention spans. If you get a chance, take a look & give me any feedback/critics. =-) My channel is pretty new. Thanks! Oh...
  6. Skulletgirl

    Today's VLOG is up

  7. Occasional Vlog

    do not open until September. daily vlog #41

    Check out our latest daily vlog, and remember Like (if you enjoyed it :)) Comment (if there's something you'd like to say ;)) Share (if you think anybody less might like it :D) And most importantly Subscribe 8|
  8. TheSpanishKorean

    Vlog Seeking Vlog Collab!

    Hello everyone, My wife and I just started our family YT channel and we would LOVE to collab with another vlog channel. We are a diversefamily and our baby is extremely mixed (1/2 Korean, 1/4 Puertorican, 1/4 white). Any good vibed vlog channel would be great! I also have another YT channel...