1. javacentral

    Newest video on a Mocha Recipe with changes to audio/lighting

    So I made this neat little mocha where it was pretty straight forward with the recipe (and an idea I wish I thought of sooner!). I changed up the lighting a bit via some angles and added an extra light. I also edited out more background noises since my last video was a bit fuzzy with the audio...
  2. javacentral

    Home mocha recipe!

    Quite an easy and tasty recipe, I say. I changed up the lighting but I feel like I still could have shortened up the intro/outro a bit. What do you think?
  3. javacentral

    How to make a mocha at home

    Nice little simple yet fun recipe. What do you think of the video as a whole? I tried out some new lighting and really kinda like it so far.