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  1. M

    Endscreen annotations on mobile?

    Hey everyone I just uploaded a video and added the newly featured endscreen to it (which I was told works on the youtube app as well), apparently that's not so, as the end screen annotations are not showing up when I watch the video on my phone :unsure: Was I misled when I was told that it also...
  2. Jawad Soomro


    Mr Hadjoudj Mohamed requested me to play his mobile game, so I tried this game on PC. Damn it I had to use my mouse for multiple CLICKS. I just burst out my wireless mouse. The concept of the game is unique, the presentation is pretty nice. Only I wish that this game had some background music...
  3. F

    Gaming android games collab

    Hello I would like to collab with a small youtube channel you will need a android phone and a good youtube channel contact me with hangouts or on youtube at fastagaming