1. Crazy Pickle

    Gameplay | Skyforge

    Heavy Hydra “Executioner” – a real weapon of devastation. Gorgonides resort to it only in the most desperate of situations, because of the complexity of assembly and transportation to rebellious worlds.
  2. BullMoose

    Let's Play SWTOR - Ripple Effect

    This episode is thick with SWTOR story development and sees Moose battling new creatures and more powerful enemies.
  3. L

    Blade and Soul Character Creation - Gameplay

    Hello Everyone, Luna here, since Blade and Soul has just been released I have decided to jump in and show off the character creation for you awesome folks with some gameplay. Remember folks be sure to watch, subscribe and like :D All comments and advice is welcome
  4. Rjayo

    IF your a Fan of Blizzard games check out my Trailer!

    Hey guys! This is a little trailer i made in tribute of some of the bad guys in the blizzard universe. Please let me know what you think. ill be doing more and more of these type of things so any request or advice fire away!