1. MPigeon99

    Received less than half the money I was supposed to (SOLVED)

    I've just resolved the issue. Turns out the stats weren't properly tracked because I only joined the MCN in the middle of the month so the earnings were sent in two separate payments, one by Google and the second one by my MCN. I just didn't look properly.
  2. AM2PM

    I messed up my Custom URL!

    I've had this channel for more than a year but only started doing this new idea a few months back. I forgot that I messed around and got a custom URL for the channel already. You needed a website at the time and the url had to be in it. I had a foolish website named superfaniam.com and I used...
  3. iMSaiyan

    Biggest mistake you guys have ever made?

    What is the biggest mistake you guys made in a video after you already posted it up or during pre/post recording? There was someone on another site that was recording the wrong screen for 1-2 hours of gameplay footage lol. My biggest mistake was doing a video for an hr and having the audio be...