minecraft parody

  1. LeoGamer

    Animation Need Minecraft Animator

    Minecraft - My name is LeoGamer, I have just over 100 Subscribers and I mainly upload Minecraft content. I am thinking about making a Minecraft Parody however I do not have an animator. If anyone is a fairly experienced animator who is willing to help me out, I would very much appreciate it...
  2. B

    Short Film Stephen King's "IT" Remake in MINECRAFT!

    So I've had this idea ever since the "IT" trailer was released a few months ago. My idea is to completely remake the IT trailer in Minecraft. However, I need body actors for it. Around 7-9 to be exact. If anyone is interested in helping out, message me on Discord. You will be credited in both...
  3. B

    Gaming "IT" Minecraft PARODY!

    Hello friends of the internet! I am here today to propose an idea that I had while brainstorming some other ideas for future videos. On YouTube, there is currently a trending video called "IT Teaser Trailer", and since I'm a huge Minecraft nerd, I thought it'd be a pretty good idea to recreate...
  4. PlanetPanda

    "Unstoppable Team" Minecraft Parody

    Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks for reading this in advance, and it means a ton. This video took a very long time to come to this final state and I hope you like it :D See you on the forums :)