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  1. exxo-Minecraft & More

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft PC

    If you wanna collab add me on skype EXXO MC must have at least 10 subs or more if you dont then we can talk about it and must be 10 years old im 13
  2. TheMiningBrothers

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborator

    Hey, I am an extremely small YouTuber (2 subs on 5/24/17) and I was going to ask some people if they would like to collaborate with me. The requirements: Must have Minecraft PC Edition for more than 6 months Must have Skype (Not Discord since it B.S.O.D.'s my laptop) Must have at least 3 subs...
  3. D

    Gaming PC Minecraft Youtube Collabs

    I'm want to make a Minecraft groups on PC and make friends.