minecraft builds

  1. M

    Why does my vids get no views???

    This vid I spent 16 hours on producing and it barely got any views, Would any of you have a suggestion to get more views on that video
  2. R

    Minecraft Lets PLay

    Can you give me honest feedback please and tell me what to change thanks !
  3. R

    Minecraft Lets PLay

    Can you give me honest feedback please and tell me what to change thanks !
  4. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Need help for Minecraft RP

    I and my partner DracoDxl are planning on creating a Minecraft RP called Chains of Corruption. This series will follow a boy as he tries to get revenge on a killer who has taken the life of his father. This is a large project and we need all the help we can get. We're accepting people who...
  5. CubiCraft

    Minecraft: Lets build a wicked looking small lion

    Hello guys, today tutorial will teach you how to build a lion on a stand in 3 different styles which you can apply in virtually any kind of build. Easy and really fast (you'll have it in 6 minutes) Enjoy :)
  6. CubiCraft

    Oriental is so beautiful

    Hey guys, Its the Belgian minecraft nerd here to act all square again :) Id like to present to you... a new series we will start soon. The idea is to build a big build, and then make tutorials on them so people can build them to :) Let me know what you think of it ;)
  7. CubiCraft

    For the minecrafters out there

    Here it is. The first part of the steampunk trade ship tutorial. Have a look if you want a cool looking weaponized steampunk styie trade ship on your map. Its a two part tutorial. The second part will be online on feb 20th. (still struggling a bit with the facecam, but its getting better) :-)...
  8. CubiCraft

    Our newest tutorial for all you minecraft lovers

    What is up everyone. Here's our latest minecraft tutorial. Hope you guys like it :) Next tutorial we will be building: A steampunk inspired trade ship. Publish date for part one on Wed Feb 15 2017 Publish date for part two on Mon Feb 20 2017 9PM GMT - 4PM EST - 3PM CST Enjoy guys :)
  9. Jaise

    Gaming [Closed] Cast and Crew Needed for MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY SERIES

    Introduction: We at TIGTV Productions are working on two new Minecraft roleplay series. One based on the Harry Potter books, films, and games, and the second an original idea called "Myth: War of the Gods". Leave your application down below for what you'd like to do out of all of these, and if...
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