Gaming Clan SMP (Minecraft Java)

    Hello, clan smp is a modded 1.18 smp for small youtubers. It has the origins mod and midevil origins, i will make anyone a skin for the origin they choose. other notes: please be under 16 (most people in it are around 13) have a youtube or twitch channel (most people in the smp have under 100...
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    Minecraft Let’s Play Advice

    I recently started a Minecraft let’s play. I understand that that’s a tough field to find a niche in, but I wanted your advice on what the video does right and what it does wrong and maybe how to improve in the future! thank you all for the advice!
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    Gaming Minecraft

    I am a YouTuber I post fun Minecraft videos and would appreciate it if you checked me out. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdlCFl0omW5vrqL0LiDsytA