1. PSTravels

    Reached 5000 views!

    A huge THANK YOU to all our subscribers and viewers for watching our videos. Your views, likes, comments and subscriptions had encouraged us to make more videos and vlogs!
  2. Chicken Tendies

    30 subs

    We are more than half way to the challenge that we are going to do if anyone has suggestions for a challenge we are all ears we need 50 subs, I believe we can get there
  3. Hiroto

    My First Hater Comment!

    So I was getting my fair share of likes and dislikes but just yesterday, I received my first hater comment! Now, as a youtuber, we all expect someone to hate on us no matter what we do, and we always have to fight through that. Yea it is a weird milestone and how do you guys deal with hater...
  4. Hiroto

    KONNICHIWA!! I was able to hit 25 subs in 2 weeks!

    You know there is an old Japanese saying as my great grandmother told me "Even dust when piled, will become a mountain!" AND MY FELLOW YOUTUBERS! ALTHOUGH WE ARE SMALL WE SHALL CLIMB THIS MOUNTAIN TO SEE THE RISING SUN! -Hiroto, The Last Japanese Thanks