milesstones oh yeah

  1. Alexis Claudio Music

    I have reached 50 Subscribers!

    I know this is not a huge milestone but I am proud of little goals accomplished. I want to thank the Youtube Talk Community for helping me since the start. I know that this is a small step that will lead me to a bigger one. Since I started other Youtubers, I fell in love with content creation...
  2. J

    Slowly moving up the Subscriber ranks ^_^

    Got 100 subs recently! A big achievement for me, especially since I hope to someday do something more with it. That's all I really have to say, but if you wanna check my channel, feel free to :)
  3. Chicken Tendies

    Just got 20 subs

    If we get to 50 my friend will do a challenge (a proper challenge no try not to laugh or whatever)
  4. scrambeld eggz

    So happy hit 30 subs

    So happy didn't think i wound get eavn 5 subs but 30 thats great i think thanks for the support :)
  5. Nanonium


    After a short week or so, going from 3k to 4k views, growth is occurring, so excited!
  6. Nbbx

    Hit 10,000+ views!!

    Literally never thought anyone would ever watch my videos so this really means a lot to me. 10k+ views. Wow. Thanks everyone!
  7. ReadingZoneTV

    100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

    Thanks to all of you who welcomed me with open arms and subscribed to my channel. I did not know you could get a costume URL until I read a thread here. I Just got my url and I'm so happy. It took me a month and a half to get here.
  8. TheTNGMen

    20 subs! Hells yeah!!!

    So hyped! Woke up this morning and saw that we picked em up over night :D Such a wierd, bubbly feeling, adrenaline causing confusion, don't know words AHHHHHHHH~