1. Marinate

    Was able to checkout Aretha Franklin's memorial service! Would really appreciate a sub and like!

  2. Jimmy44

    who wants to collaborate with me and Exploring and going on an adventure

    Hi my name is Jimmy a small YouTuber and The three videos I made on YouTube or not that good to me and Why I want to collaborate with Somebody and Exploring abandoned houses and abandoned places and Ghost Adventures and haunted videos And go travelling Adventure Time and I live in Michigan...
  3. Kyle Janulis

    Meet Up/Gathering Michigan YouTubers! Where you at?

    Looking to collab and meet up with YouTubers in Michigan! Who from here is in MI?
  4. Josh Nowak

    Vlog Vloggers or any creators in Michigan

    If anyone in Michigan wants to collab, message me on instagram! @superduperjoshy All my work is on there too if you're interested in checking it out!
  5. Will Thomas


    My name is Will Thomas. I'm trying to get my channel up and running like a lot of people on this website and wanted to try to collab!
  6. Laura Pierson

    Q&A help

    Hey guys I'm going to be doing a Q&A tomorrow and need a few more questions. Nothing is off limits and the Q&A doesn't have a theme but heres a little bit about me -I'm a college student (about two start year two) -I'm on the quidditch team -I love food -I love to travel -I'm from the USA -My...
  7. Laura Pierson

    Video Ideas

    Hello everyone I was wondeing if you could help me with some video ideas. I'm a college student at Grand Valley State University and live in the dorms so I almost never have any good lighting to work with. My channel is primary a lifestyle vlog like Zoella and Aspyn Ovard's but I'm open to any...