1. Mattaxol

    NAZI CAMP! | Metro: Last Light (Redux) #3

    Long but enjoyable.. that's what she said...... alright, bad joke, just take a look at the video.. haha
  2. Mattaxol

    TO THE SURFACE - "QUIT LOOKING AT MY a**" | Metro: Last Light (Redux)

    Hi :D This is the second episode of the Metro: Last Light (Redux) series I'm doing, hopefully you can find some enjoyment out of this. Thank you! :)
  3. WaffleDrone

    Looking for a review, thank you everyone in advance :)

    So yesterday was my first day uploading after stockpiling on videos for a while since I'm a college student, I make daily gameplay videos and I am currently playing Dark Souls 3 on there as well as Metro 2033 Redux, for the most recently recorded videos check out the dark souls ones :) that's...