1. Lloydyp

    Merch Shelf Problems

    Hey guys I wonder if you can help. I have a channel with 11k subs and over 3m views but I cant turn on merch shelf because *some* of my videos have been flagged as partial monetisation due to the nature of the content (its a firearms channel) There is no ryme or reason to the classification as...
  2. JustDestiny

    Merchandise company Partnership

    I've recently just been contacted by a company offering a partnership in exchange to for selling my merchandise. They offered my a 60/40 revenue split for net-profits. Any experienced business men/women on here think that this a good deal? I want to make sure I'm getting the best deal I possibly...
  3. cedriccha

    Where do you create your merch?

    Hi there, Looking to get some t-shirts/merch done. I heard Teespring is the best option. Any other suggestions?
  4. Baylze


    How do you guys feel about YouTubers having merchandise? Have you bought any merchandise from YouTubers? I know some YouTubers have made the transfer from vlogger to singer, and buying their music isn't really the same thing. I'm talking more about T-Shirts, Hoodies, Cups, Posters, etc. Some...
  5. Michael Lebert

    Online Store and Channel Naming Help

    Obviously I'm still in the planning and ideas stage,preparation is key. I am stuck on what I should do for names on my channel,something that I can put on merch and have a name for my audience. I don't know whether to use my name or something that describes me or interests me. Any tips?