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    Okay so I really need a new profile picture for YouTube! (I Hope Someone Reads This and Not Like The Other Attempts) There are two styles I would be okay with. -More cool animated version of me (I could send you a picture of myself) -Make a unique logo. ( M as my letter) If you where to do...
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    With some convincing from my friends, I decided to do a Q&A. I thought Id ask people here first so Id get a little more variety on my questions. No limit on what you can ask me and I will be saying your username if you would like! Here are some examples, Why did you start YouTube?, Where do you...
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    Channel Feedback!

    So I've felt like there is something lacking in my videos, other than commentary... That will be fixed soon. I want to know if I'm using the right music for the mood, if the thumbnails are good, my intro, outro, banner, etc. I don't care if it's positive or negative feedback, you gotta use...