1. F

    Vlog UK SUMMER MEETUP 2020

    Hey guys i was thinking... Would anyone be interested in doing like a big youtuber / youtuber fans meetup in England in the summer ( was thinking probably july or August in London ( easiest to get to with coaches/trains etc) I was thinking we could all meetup up/do a vlog and stuff and make...
  2. M

    Gaming Looking to start a channel with some people.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to start a channel with one or two people. I was part of a gaming group but they moved on to other things. I have basic editing knowledge and good hardware. I want to create a PC gaming channel like Two Best Friends Play focusing on walkthroughs with commentary. I'm...
  3. bryan94c

    Meet Up/Gathering Southern California

    Any body that lives around the so cal area want to collaborate? I usually do vlogs but I'm down for any type of collaboration . Hope to hear back from some people.
  4. Emma Rego

    Meet Up/Gathering Meet up anyone?!

    would love to meet some new YOUTUBERS!!!! Anyone want to arrange a meet up in London or go for coffee?
  5. Tuskan

    Gaming Collab and Meetup | Discord Chat

    I've been trying to advertise a discord chat for the fans and the youtubers in this group if you want to join or know someone else who wants to join ask me or look at my description in my higher or lower video if you have any questions post below and i'll answer them! :)
  6. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Leicester YouTubers?

    Hi, I'm a 15 year old YouTuber who lives in Leicester. I'm looking for people to collab with. I'm planning to do skits, pranks, challenges and many other epic things. I'm currently at 244 subs. If you wanna collab, hit me up on either: YouTube: ItzKillG Twitter: ItzKillG Skype: killg786 Or even...