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    60 Seconds! LIVESTREAM

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    am i "creatively drained"?

  3. MasterEth

    Am I creatively drained?

    So, right now, I have several ideas for videos. However, I haven't worked on any of them in the past couple days. According to this week, I've actually uploaded 5 videos in a week. (Which is crazy for me considering the fact that I post weekly.) Maybe because of the 5 videos, I feel creatively...
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    I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I would appreciate it if you watched this minute and and half video!
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    I made a new channel trailer to inform all my subscribers and all the new visitors of my channel! :D
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    Let Me Confuse You About Kingdom Hearts 2

    I've had this video on my channel for a month and it has about 55 views already! I'm hoping to do more videos in this style! Currently, I have another video that's in the script writing phase as of now.
  7. MasterEth

    Vlog 3 - Get Off My Turf - 10/2/16

    Third Vlog in the series!!! Let me know what you think!!!! :D