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  1. S

    Looking to find other makeup artists to help grow channels

    Hey! I’m looking for other makeup artists who also wanna grow their channel. It’s so hard to get your videos seen amongst the vastness of YouTube, so we can give each other advice and promote each other on end screens etc. Here’s my latest video:
  2. glamouraddict

    Beauty/Makeup New Youtuber

    Hey Everyone, i have started my Youtube Channel this month. I mainly do creative makeup. If you like glitter and bright colors then make sure check out my work. My channel link is working now. Just uploaded a new video too. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Courtney Candice

    Gothic doll makeup tutorial

  4. Courtney Candice

    Twenty one pilots josh dun inspired makeup tutorial

  5. Courtney Candice

    Twenty one pilots josh dun inspired makeup tutorial

  6. GeniePurple


    Hey everyone, sorry for the late video update as i was ill yesterday but here it is for you guys .. Get ready with me and also random chitchat ...CHECK IT OUT! Hope you enjoy it #Beauty#makeup #youtube #getreadywithme #BlackBeauty #Random#chitchat #Randomtalks #Partylook #Goingutlook
  7. Casidhe Lianna

    Beauty/Makeup Collab with qualified makeup artist

    hey lovelies I am looking to collab with a qualified makeup artist, someone who actively works in this field to create a "what I love about being a makeup artist" video, and also a "what I don't love about being a makeup artist" video. Needs to be someone who actively works as a makeup artist so...
  8. Christina Lado

    Beauty/Makeup Youtube Friends & Collabs? Located in DFW open to any Location

    Hey Guys! I am a 22 year old recent college grad and fairly new to Youtube! I have had my channel for 2 months now and have 555 subscribers so far. I am looking to collab with anyone who has similar content. I also am looking for Youtube friends because it would be nice to have someone to...
  9. Aaron Kelsall

    Joker and Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

  10. PelBeauty Channel

    Feedback in terms of filming/editing/lighting

    Hi everyone! I have a beauty channel where I share my make-up hacks and hair/facial care routine aka the usual girly stuff. There are a lot of channels which have the exact content as mine so it's kinda difficult to grow. I'm pretty new to all this editing and filming situation. I ask my...
  11. CupieCakez

    Beauty/Makeup Let's Collab! I do Beauty Makeup, SFX, & MORE!

    Hi, I am a fun, creative, crazy girl passionate for the arts. I am a certified professional makeup artist based in Las Vegas USA. NEW YouTuber Looking for friends in the YouTube Community to grow with doing Makeup, Vlogs, Lifestyle, anything Art related vids! I would LOVE to collaborate with...
  12. EricaCunningham

    Beauty/Makeup Face/Body Paint Collab

    Hey, everyone! I'm new to the forums, and my channel is still pretty small (under 200 subs still). I was wondering if anyone here does face/body painting and would like to work together. Divine MissE on YouTube, feel free to message me or content here if you're interested!
  13. AshZelda

    Short Film Philadelphia Area Collabs

    Hi guys! Are any of you located in Philly? I'm an actor and a makeup artist looking to work on some short films, and would love to work with anyone around here. I'm also a writer if you need any help with that, but you wouldn't need to be local. I'm in North Philly and often in the Lehigh Valley...