1. M

    Please, can someone explain it to me reasons to my shorts and videos views decreased from 2,300 to 2?

    My views and range on shorts have been extremely low for the past two weeks. Views that were 2,300…1,900…4,000 are now 2, 3.. Same for the videos, my views were 100+ and now are 13..15…. The range its like 800 and before was around 2000 to 4000. Can someone please explain it to me?
  2. Jiri82pi

    2.000.000 views - REVENUE 5,48 USD - HELP!!!

    Hello, monetization is allowed on my YT channel, but earnings are absolutely disastrous. For 2M views, I received $ 5.48. What is wrong? ... Can anyone help me? Thanks for the reply
  3. Youssef elkadi

    Im Stuck , Please help

    hey guys for some reason I'm stuck at this number 34 subscribers for around 2 days but on average I would gain like 1 or 2 subs a day and I dont know why I can't do this anymore its starting to really mess with my head and I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong also people comment nice...
  4. M

    Very low estimated monetized playbacks

    Hello everyone, I have just recently reactivated my youtube chanel and plan to be relatively active on it, possibly earnig myself some pocket money in the process. I have posted a couple of videos on the past week or so, garnering a couple hundred of views, and monetized all the content on my...