looking for collaborations

  1. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for collab (PS4 - PC)

    So me and a friend are looking for someone to collab with on PS4 and/or PC. The games we are looking to play are, COD BO 4, FIFA 19, GTA 5, Golf With Friends, Rocket league + other games. And if there are any games you wan't to play, we may have them too :) Only requirements are. English...
  2. DudeitsNeely

    Comedy Looking For collab for a comedy skit im shooting.

    Im shooting a skit. I am working on the script right now. The person I collab with will be shooting there scene on there side. We both will be on the phone for the skit. So looking for someone that has a decent camera and microphone set up, so I can match my side with it easier.
  3. Plembi


    Hello hello people of this great forum :) I'm looking for people that are able to collaborate, because my channel is getting bit lonely with only me talking. Of course im going to introduce the kind of person am I, the different requirements needed to collaborate and the games I could possibly...
  4. S

    Gaming Minecraft Collaboration (SMP and more!) :D

    I was wondering if anyone was up for a minecraft collaboration. I currently own a SMP and am trying to get some more people to join. If you are not up to join a SMP, maybe we could record a survival games or something related. You will need to have HD content (720p) with no in game lag. A good...