looking for collab

  1. Acemaster_

    Gaming NVM

  2. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for collab (PS4 - PC)

    So me and a friend are looking for someone to collab with on PS4 and/or PC. The games we are looking to play are, COD BO 4, FIFA 19, GTA 5, Golf With Friends, Rocket league + other games. And if there are any games you wan't to play, we may have them too :) Only requirements are. English...
  3. DudeitsNeely

    Comedy Looking For collab for a comedy skit im shooting.

    Im shooting a skit. I am working on the script right now. The person I collab with will be shooting there scene on there side. We both will be on the phone for the skit. So looking for someone that has a decent camera and microphone set up, so I can match my side with it easier.
  4. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking for PC Collab (I have 2000+ Subscribers)

    I'm looking for people interested in collabing with me. Heres some things you need to know before asking. - My channel consists of mostly Comedy / Trolling type stuff. - My channel is not PG-13 what so ever. - You must have at least 1500+ subscribers. - You must not take anything to...
  5. NovaCyde

    Other Looking for a collab

    Hey everyone, I'm still pretty new to the YT community and was looking at maybe doing a collab with another Yt. I was thinking along the lines of an upload for upload type thing where we'd each make a video and post on the others channel. Also if you guys could check out my channel, subscribe...
  6. C

    Other Collabing

    Hey guys i wanna do a collaboration video with you guys for football editing ,pliz message me i really want to do one!!
  7. Doodel

    Gaming Looking For Collab

    Yeah i'm looking for a collab. I'm just gonna do this quick to not waste your time. Me and my friend is looking for someone to collab with on games like GTA 5, Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, FIFA 16, Card Against Humanity, Requirements: PS4 over 50 subs more than 6 videos HD Game Capture Card Decent...
  8. Doodel

    Gaming Looking For Collab

    Hey. So me and my friend are looking for someone to collab with. We will play games like GTA, Rocket League, COD BO3, Cards against humanity, FIFA 16. The only requirements is A decent mic (blue snowball or something like that) A HD capture card PS4 minimum 5 videos on your channel. Minimum 10...