looking for a cs:go gmod and gta5 colab partner

  1. RagingTaurus

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers who are funny and play cs-go

    Hi there. I'm looking for other youtubers who always makes people laugh and plays csgo. If you want to collab with me reply or dm me on twitter. You can also add me on discord. If you add me on discord just message me “I heard you are looking for funny you tubers who play csgo” and I’ll know...
  2. lukeandalexgaming123

    Gaming looking for a CS:GO gmod and Gta 5 colab partner (PC)

    need to meat the required fields below need a good pc,need skype,over 50 subs,good headset (my channel) name:lukeandalexgaming subs:258 views:1632 videos:16/17 video type:funny make sure to comment you skype down bellow thanks : ]