long term partner

  1. I

    Gaming looking for ppl to have a collab with (xbox1 or PC) we can make a long term group or something

    looking for ppl to collab with currently have 50 subs ( xbox 1 and PC )
  2. ZeroChill

    Request [Free] Looking for someone to work w/ me on my projects

    I am an inexperienced designer who has only made a couple pieces of work. I was looking to see if anyone would be interested in looking over my YouTube channel art and helping me make Twitch art. I am also looking for someone who would want to work with me long term. Whoever works with me on...
  3. Wibble YT

    Gaming PC / PS4 long term collaboration,

    -Looking for someone 13 + to collaborate over steam or psn. -Bo3, Battle front and other steam games. -Looking for long time collaboration. -Youtube friends.
  4. NinjaNultrix

    Gaming Long Term YouTube Partner, you in?

    What does your collaboration consists of? I'm looking for a long term partner(s) in collaborating on games of any console. Particularly co-op games like Rainbow Six Siege, Rust and more. This is quite general but you know how YouTubing alone can sometimes be "eh" in comparison to having someone...