long term collab

  1. I

    Gaming looking for ppl to have a collab with (xbox1 or PC) we can make a long term group or something

    looking for ppl to collab with currently have 50 subs ( xbox 1 and PC )
  2. TaVRoS Evolve

    Gaming COLLAB [Long or Short term]

    Im a ps4 youtuber trying to expand my audience and help someone elses channel No Minimum subs Minimum uploaded videos of 5 (to show your going to stick) Must have a ps4 and a mic Willing to do videos and live stream collabs. I have 250 subs. Relpy if interested. youtube.com/tavrosevolve...
  3. S


    Hi, My name is Sam and i'm looking for more people to play and record with! I currently play with someone else and we have been recording together for over 1 and a half years - however we are looking for more people to join us! We currently play: Ark Survival Evolved Grand Theft Auto V We are...
  4. Leniman


    Heyy everyone, my name is Leniman, I'm 16, i live on the East Coast of the USA, and I am a part of a channel called Nerd Network. I wanna record some more videos but most of the games I wanna play really require some more (preferably energetic) people to be entertaining. My games include Gmod...
  5. O

    Gaming PS4 long term and short term collabs

    Hi guys I am Owen and I'm a small youtuber looking to collab and make friends in the PS4 community I have games such as FIFA, Battlefront, Battlefield Hardline, The Division and Destiny. I have many more aswell! Put below Name: PSN: Age: Country: Subs: (doesn't matter I'm just curious) And...
  6. Wibble YT

    Gaming PC / PS4 long term collaboration,

    -Looking for someone 13 + to collaborate over steam or psn. -Bo3, Battle front and other steam games. -Looking for long time collaboration. -Youtube friends.
  7. Daaave

    Other Long Term Producer/Networker Needed

    Hey Guys, I hope you're all having a Merry Christmas! I've been making videos for a few months now, and at first I wasn't sure if I was going to continue, put the support I've got from the friends/family/subscribers in the last months has really motivated me to continue, and it is quickly...
  8. Dylanraadmae64

    Gaming Long Term Collabing. Minecraft, Agar.io.

    I am 13 but, I'm turning 14 in like 2 weeks. I play Minecraft, Agar.io. And would like somebody to play with. I would like to play other games, in the future. My youtube channel is very small and, I just started. But I try my best to post everyday.