1. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Mallorca Alcudia Beach

    Beach Alcudia, Mallorca. Muro beach (Playa de Muro) is located in the Alcudia bay. Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is a part of the Balearic Islands. I stayed in Alcudia and explored the island by car. Mallorca has a lot of towns, villages and beaches to explore. Here a some of...
  2. CasualConstruction

    Do you hide the fact you have a youtube channel from friends?

    I am curious to read whether or not you keep your channel separate from friends/family and why./why not
  3. artiflex

    Get out of your comfort zone - Breaking free

    Sitting in your comfort zone is extremely easy and very comfortable. Sitting in your comfort zone is very bad for your personal growth. Altough it's pretty safe to stay in your comofort zone. If you want it or not the real world full of joy and happiness is outside your little bubble. That's...